So, I have so much to catch you up on on and why I've been M.I.A!!!! Lucas got his cast off! Yay finally! I have a blog coming on that soon. I really want to go into detail and tell you everything. Mason is one! Yep my baby is one! Crazy thinking back on how... Continue Reading →


Tahoe with the family!

So this past weekend we went on a little family getaway with my family. Thankfully my brother's girlfriend's family, was kind enough to let us use their family cabin up in Lake Tahoe. The weekend was everything we needed! Some time in the woods with family, food, laughter, drinks & game's. The only thing that... Continue Reading →

To diet or not to diet?!

So I've been on the fence lately about going on a diet! I feel every mom goes through a weight loss struggle at one point in mommy hood. When I got pregnant with Lucas, I was sick the majority of my pregnancy so I gained about 13 pounds in total. After giving birth to my... Continue Reading →


So for me cleaning has definitely took a left turn since my kids, I'm definitely a person that believe everything has a place. There are things I'm super meticulous about certain things I am borderline compulsive about. An it will literally eat at me if I don't take care of these things... But since I've... Continue Reading →

Feeling absolutely terrible.

I'm feeling absolutely terrible tonight. My head's throbbing. My stomach's is speaking all kinds of noises, I have a sharp ache in my belly that won't go away, I feel nauseous and queasy, I threw up after dinner... I feel so miserable!! Now the the reality of this is, no one talks about this side... Continue Reading →

CO-SLEEP? That is the question!

Lets jump on in to today topic shall we... I have choosen to Co-sleep... What about you? So whether you agree with my decision or not! It is a big decision! Let's face it your either for it or against it. you might know someone who has or does or is completely against it. I... Continue Reading →


One of the most beautiful sound's I've had the pleasure of hearing, is the pure innocent of my boys giggling. They don't know the ugly, the bad or the cruelness in the world yet. Their laughter is extremely contagious. It's so pure, carefree and joyous. Just the other night when I was cooking dinner, my... Continue Reading →

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