Not alone.

Too the mom out there questioning herself. Too the mom who can feel herself losing her patience. Too the mom who is feeling completely overwhelmed. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Lately I've felt myself... getting completely overwhelmed. It's almost as if someone has strung me up extremely tight! I can feel how tense my body is.... Continue Reading →


Happy anniversary

Happy anniversary babe! Today we celebrate 5 years of marriage. In the 14 years of life we have shared together, one thing has stayed constant and that is the love that we have for each other. I'm so happy that you chose me to build this life with. Just know that I would choose you... Continue Reading →

Scary & dark places.

Have you ever thought to yourself... I want to kill myself, I'd be better off dead. Who would even really care if I was even gone? Well I know I have! ( A much younger me.) But I'm not here to talk about myself. Someone that I know and who I love dearly, decided to... Continue Reading →

Polydactyly part 3; surgery

So we're at our first visit with Dr. Salomon. He comes into the room confident, almost to the point where it's like too confident, but not quite there. It was Enough for you to notice his sense of pride in his work. He laid out his complete game plan from start to finish. He told... Continue Reading →

polydactyly?!?! Part one

polydactyly... What is it? Why ... ? How didn't we know? polydactyly: a condition in which the hand has one or more extra fingers How common is it? Thumb duplication is one of the more common congenital hand conditions, affecting about one out of every 1,000 babies. Facts listed above from, So for a... Continue Reading →


The days are long, But the years are short! That is the truth!!! If you ask me to explain Life in a nutshell, That would be my response. It's so Bittersweet knowing that my children one day will not be little children! Life flashes bye in a blink of an eye. Minute's fastly, become hours,... Continue Reading →

The times I questioned my faith!

So I figured today, I would share particularly two stories that might help someone or make somebody think differently. So there's been two significant moments in my life, I feel like... I may have not been particularly one with God in these moments that I questioned him and my faith. I feel like he showed... Continue Reading →

I don’t know.. unknowns

Sometimes the unknown and the "What If's" are the most terrifying. Than Sometimes those "What If"could be the most rewarding! The worst thing about the "What if" is, until you take a chance you have no clue what possibility let alone the opportunities it can open up for you. With all that being said.... My... Continue Reading →

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