Polydactyly part 2 “er visit.”

If you havent read my 1st blog about polydactyly this will make no sense.. so go ahead go and give it a read you know you want to. Continuing on . . . As we ran into the emergency room. Frist thing they made us do was register, Than after that we had to wait... Continue Reading →


polydactyly?!?! Part one

polydactyly... What is it? Why ... ? How didn't we know? polydactyly: a condition in which the hand has one or more extra fingers How common is it? Thumb duplication is one of the more common congenital hand conditions, affecting about one out of every 1,000 babies. Facts listed above from, http://www.childrenshospital.org/conditions-and-treatments/conditions/t/thumb-duplication-pre-axial-polydactyly/symptoms-and-causes So for a... Continue Reading →


The days are long, But the years are short! That is the truth!!! If you ask me to explain Life in a nutshell, That would be my response. It's so Bittersweet knowing that my children one day will not be little children! Life flashes bye in a blink of an eye. Minute's fastly, become hours,... Continue Reading →

The times I questioned my faith!

So I figured today, I would share particularly two stories that might help someone or make somebody think differently. So there's been two significant moments in my life, I feel like... I may have not been particularly one with God in these moments that I questioned him and my faith. I feel like he showed... Continue Reading →

I don’t know.. unknowns

Sometimes the unknown and the "What If's" are the most terrifying. Than Sometimes those "What If"could be the most rewarding! The worst thing about the "What if" is, until you take a chance you have no clue what possibility let alone the opportunities it can open up for you. With all that being said.... My... Continue Reading →

Kids sleep schedule update

To all those who are wondering... Here's a second update on the sleeping schedule! Breaking news.... Things have not changed! Saturday night was by far the longest night of this horrible sleeping pattern. It started off great the kids both asleep by 7:30.. What followed next was hours upon hours of tossing and turning, crying... Continue Reading →

It was a fluke.

So, if you have been following along with me here on this crazy Ride of a life! An have been wondering about my magical night sleep, an how is it going today? And just exactly how did you sleep last night.. Candice? Well....Let's Dive Right In and let me fill you in! It was absolutely... Continue Reading →

The vacuum.. dun, dun, dunnn!

Sunday, Dwight left to go help his sister. The boys and I went for a walk and when we came home from our walk we found a trail of ants. Which led to a deep cleaning of the kitchen / family room. Little boys, leave little crumbs everywhere! So I started moving furniture too find... Continue Reading →

Am I dreaming today?

Someone pinch me! Is this a dream? This can't be real? ...Can it? News flash... My kids slept all night in their own beds! yes you read that RIGHT... An here's the KICKER, It was without waking up in the middle of the night screaming their brains off. Now here I am, it is 7:12am... Continue Reading →

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